My timeline of my life :-D

  • I was born!:-D

    On December 12, 2000 I was born in bangkok. I was the youngest person to be born in the famly.
  • Start School

    Start School
    This is my first day at Ruamrudee Inernational School. I started rschool in pre-kindergarthen. Anyways, I was 5 years old and pre-kindergarthen was good.
  • First dog

    I when my parents bought the dogs, I had two dogs but one wasn't healty so it died and the vet tossed it in to the trash. So now I have only one dog.
    P.S.Both dogs are Golden Retriver
  • Went to Grade 1

    In 2005, I went to Kindergarden or something like that but it is 2007 wehen I go to grade 1.
  • I got a computer!

    I got a computer!
    Well, It's not my computer but it's my sisters computer. My parents bought it because my sister was in middle school so she needed it.
  • House Repair (Edit)

    My house and the stuff in it was getting old so my parents decided that it was time for repairs. While repairing my family stayed at my Mom's/Dad's Office. Anyways, the life at my mom's office was not good because I stayed there for 2 years and 2 air conditioners broke.
  • Got Glasses

    Got Glasses
    The title should already tell you what this event is about. Anyways I got glasses because I used computers too much and read in the wrong place.
  • First ISA test

    The International School Assingnment is a thing my school does from grade 3 to highschool. The test comes in a workbook and there are many things in it .(Math, Reading, Writing, etc) Also some of the ISA assingments are the same each year but most are diffrent.
  • Neighbor Cat Comes to Live!

    Well, its not exactly my neighbors cat but its just a cat that goes around the neighborhood and ask for food so it has multiple owners. Anyways, the cat thinks my house (still fixing) is it's house so it thinks I'm stealing it's house.
  • People Protest no School

    People Protest no School
    In this year, some people came to prostest about the Goverment thing. So, the school closed due to unsafeness of the road some people use to go to school. If you ask me why the protesters are dangerous, I wold tell you that they were armed molotov bottles, slingshots, and homemade gunpowder fireworks/rockets.
  • Neighbor's Dog Destroys Fence

    In November my neighbors (dumb) dog broked the metal fence and came over to my house. Also the (DUMB) dog sprayed dog urine all over my house! After a while , my dad bought a plastic net to stick on the fence and block the dog. But the dog broke it and dumped a huge a mount of dog solid waste (urine spraying included) on my lovely little garden.
    This is a list of the things my (irresponsible) neighbors (dumb) dog dose:
    1. Eats my cat & dogs solid waste (poo)
    2. Spray pee all over my house.
  • House Repair Done!

    The house is now fully repaired. So I went back home and saw that the multi-owner cat was still there even if I didn't FEED it. So, it continued to stay. Then, the neighbors dog destroyed the new metal fence.

    In January 2011, there was a EARTH QUAKE in burma. Burma is a country near Thailand so some of the after shocks damaged thailand. Luckliy, My house is in Bangkok which is in the middle of thailand so the only thing that happened was just a few hanging things moving around.
  • Door Disaster

    After my house was done repairing, my dad bo
    ught a automatic remote control door. Then oneday, I went walking and I was going into the house when my dad pressed the button to open the door but it opened only a little bit then stopped. So, I started to walk in but only my leg got in when my dad pressed the button to open the door more. And that was when the disaster happened, the door thingy had a error and instead of opening, the door crushed my leg for 30 minutes until I got out.
  • New Library Avalible!

    In my school, we measure reading level in DRA level and once you get DRA 60+ in elementry you don't know what it is now because it's above 60. Anyways, once you get 60+, you can get excess to the middleschool/highschool library and borrow stuff there.

    After the Japan Earthquake\Tsunami in Sendai, the nuclear reactor in Sendai had a problem and eventualy poisoned the area. Also the fukushima daiichi nuclear reactors are near the beach so some nuclear waste might go into the sea (99.9999999% sure) and poluted the seafood. So my family decided that there will be no sea food for several monthes.
  • The 18 C Summer

    Normaly Thailands summer is about 30 C to 40 C . But somehow this year the temperature is 18 C!
    (That is even colder than the 25 C to 30 C winters)
  • HAPPY april FOOLS

    On April fools (and the rest of April) I annoyed my teacher alot and her daily cmment was........MY HEAD IS GONNA BLOW!!!!!!!.....YOU MAKE ME PEE MY PANTS..............ETC.
  • Fence Repair/Upgrade Complete!

    Fence Repair/Upgrade Complete!
    If you saw the event in which the Neighbors dog broke the fence and the plastic net? Well, on 4 May 2011 my dod bought some blocks of concrete and blocked the fence. YAY! no more tics, fleas, and dog urine!
  • Neighbors Cat had Kittens :-D/:-(

    Remember that cat? Well, it stayed and the were many male cats around there. And guess what happened? There were three kittens! The kittens were fine but I for got to tell you that the cat was dumb, crazy, easily hypnotized by a plastic bag filled with cat food, and is a flea transporting vehicle. thats why theres fleas all over my house!