• My Birth

    Normal delivery. I am the second child, the only daughter and last born. Few days at birth

    I was baptized in the church according to the Roman Catholic tradition.3 months from birth.

    Hard my first birthday celebration. I was crying all through because I couldn’t stand the people around. My birthday picture indicated how shy I was during this celebration.

    My father moved from the Eastern part (Imo) of Nigeria West Africa to the Western
    part (Lagos).

    My first emergency visit to the hospital where I stayed for days as a result of flu.
  • First two years: Biosocial

    My physical development during this first two years created easy noticeable changes in my appearance. At this stage the length of my body has become more proportional and is roughly half the adult height.
    Felt from the bed and had a leg injury, the motor ability, vision and hearing has dramatically developed. Now I can distinguished voices, see moving objects clearly and my involuntary movement and reflexes at birth has now become voluntary movements
  • First two years: Cognitive:

    I started nursery school (kindergarten) or preschool. An opportunity to meet with different kids and socialize with them in class .I have started developing an increased attention span, learning to read and developing structured routines such as doing household cheers.
  • First two years: Psychological

    My development of trust and mistrust was seen in the promise been made by my uncle .He promised to buy me shoe while visiting. When he visited, he did not buy any shoe as promised.
    I look more happy and relaxed at this age. Social learning becomes a style of life. Observing others both what they do and how other people react to that behavior.
    Beginning to make friends in school. Played with my best friends Amaka. Later we became two play mates and visited each other at home.
  • Primaary School

    I entered primary school. Here I was more comfortable than in the preschool and made more friends.
  • Play years :Biosocial:

    My height and weight continued to increase .I am now having muscles and less rounded.
    I broke my hand as a result of my being muscular looking.
  • Play Years: Cognitive:

    I remember things at this time; memorize things and a good problem solving. I apparently improved my language skills and demonstrate extensively more grammatical knowledge.
  • Secondary School

    I was looking forward to enter the college (secondary school). A lot of activities took place here which I may not be able to remember the dates .But this was the peak of my development.
  • College Exam

    I had my college exam. Finished from college. Looking forward for another face of life.
  • University

    Entered into the University for a 5years Program
  • Birth Day Party

    My biggest birthday bash in school. This was put together by my friends.
  • Graduation

    I graduated from the University and ready to go for a one year program serving my fatherland. Then met my husband along the line.
  • Married

    Married to my husband.
  • Moved to United States

    Moved to the United States with my husband. Started a new face of life in a different land.
  • My first Job

    Started work at Burger king.
  • Another Job

    Started another work at Walgreens
  • Nursing Home

    Started work with a nursing home. Thinking of becoming a nurse.
  • Schoolcraft College

    Registered in Schoolcraft College.
  • Classes

    I had several classes both in class and online.
  • Developing person through the life Span

    Registered for this course. “Developing person through the life Span”. At the moment arranging my work as regards to my lifeline.