My Timeline

  • My Birthday

    The day I was born
  • First Tooth

    The day I got my first tooth
  • My First Steps

    The day I made my first confident steps
  • First Words

    The day I said "Mom" for the first time
  • First Vacation

    First vacation with my parents by the seaside
  • First Friend

    The day I met my first friend ever on the playground, with whom we are best friends now
  • First Trip Abroad

    My first trip abroad with my family
  • First Day at Kindergarden

    My firts day at KIndergarden. My parents say that I was crying a lot.
  • First Experience on Stage

    It was the celebration of upcoming New Year at Kindergarden and I was for the first time performing with my friend in front of ourparents
  • First Book

    The time when I finished reading my first nook on my own
  • Dance Classes

    I started attending dance classes with my friend.
  • First Dance Performance on Stage

    I went on the festival with my dance club and danced for the first time in front of the big audience
  • English Language

    Started learning English language
  • First Reward

    I got the first place on dabce competition with my dance club.
  • First Day at School

    The day I started school
  • First Math Olympiad

  • First Day at Secondary school

  • Polish Language

    I started learning Polish language
  • First trip abroad without parents

    I went with my school teacher and classmates to Poland
  • My Sister's Birthday

    My little sister was born
  • First Time at Summer Camp

  • First Day at High School

  • German Language

    I started learning German language
  • C1 in English

    I passed an IELTS test
  • School Graduation

  • Submitted Documents to the University

  • Interview with University

  • Got enrolled into university in Warsaw

  • First Day at University

  • Off to Warsaw to Study

    Stressful point of my life as I needed to go alone to another country to study
  • Period: to

    Erasmus Semester in Tallinn

    Amazing experience with awesome people
  • Bungee Jumping

  • Get the Driving License

  • Period: to

    Erasmus Semester in Prague

    Next semester I am going to spend in Prague within Erasmus mobility program.
  • C1 in German

    I plan to achieve C1 lever of German language profficiency by that date.
  • First Internship

  • Start Full-Time Job

  • Go Hiking

  • Trip Around Europe

  • Become Vegetarian

  • Bachelor Thesis

    The day I need to hand in my Bachelor thesis
  • University Graduation

    The day I obtain my Bachelor degree
  • Parachute jumping

  • Become Vegan

  • Start Master's Degree

    I plan on starting my Master's degree after a gap year after Bachelor degree
  • Run a Marathon

  • Witness the Northern Lights

  • Master's Diploma

  • Start Investing

  • Trip to the USA

  • Buy a Car

  • Trip to Canada

  • Get Married

  • Buy a Flat

  • Trip to New Zealand

  • First Child

  • Start Investing Money

  • Start My Own Business

  • Become a Top-Level Manager

  • Buy My Parents a House by the Seaside

  • Earn My First Million

  • Support Charity Organisations

  • Start a Charity Organization

  • Create Multiple Income Sources

  • Around the World Trip

  • Become a Venture Capitalist