my timeline

  • Born

  • We moved to Tokyo

  • Period: to

    I had leard ballet

  • entrance into my elementary school

  • Period: to

    I went to the same school from elementary to high school.

  • My cousin was born

  • my mother entered the hospital

  • 9.11

  • My father changed his job

  • Iraq war

  • My grand father passed away

  • I was the leader of my swimming team

  • My ex boyfriend's father passed away

  • My brother turned to be 20

  • My grand mother turned to be 80

  • 3.11

  • entrance into my college

  • My cousin got married

  • My best friend went to hospital

  • My brother got his job

  • studying abroad

  • My best frind passed away

  • I got stitches on my face