My timeline

  • Year of Consciousness

    The year I conscious of my existence I was 6 years old. This was around the time my little brother was born. Me and my father went to go buy him a blue teddy bear, which he stills has to this day.
  • Riding a bike

    My first time riding a bike I was 8 years old and it was embarrassing because I smacked right into a wall while riding it.
  • My first day of middle school

    my year of elementary school was a fun experience but very sad at the same time, because it was around the time my Aunt passed
  • 7th grade year

    7th grade year was when I was having the time of my life, going over to my cousins house every weekend over at New Jersey, just biking everywhere with him, dingdong ditching and things of that nature.
  • End of 7th grade

    At the very last month of my 7th grade my school had an assembly addressing that they will be shutting down that year, and that my grade will have a 8th grade graduation from them since we didn't get to formally graduate as a 8th grader. It was extremely upsetting for me and my classmates.
  • 8th grade

    8th grade year I had to transfer to a new school, meet new people, and see different faces. It was different but it was informing in a way because now I have connections to certain people in certain businesses.
  • Covid

    8th grade was cut short due to covid because at first it went from a 2 week break to the whole year being gone due to covid. We weren't able to have our senior prom, senior trip, let alone graduate with cap n gowns.
  • Freshman year

    Freshman year was a struggle, because I transferred to 2 different schools. It was also hard because of my social anxiety, so being in a big school with a larger population was hard.
  • First heartbreak

    Skipping to Junior year when I say I was at my peak of physical fitness, but this year was short of good. I experienced my first heart break from a girl I went dated and it changed my perspective on how I view life.
  • Senior Year

    Just like my 7th grade year I'm currently having the time of my life, with 2 of my favorite artists dropping albums, going out, hitting the gym, basketball, and with my current girlfriend, I've been enjoying my last year of highschool. What they say is true, that these 4 years will go by fast.