my timeline

  • my family

    my family
    Family was one of the most important things for me because my family loved me since before I was born and those little people who are not family by blood but if they are people that one considers as a little part of my family, they were those people who when I was in the middle of the dark they lit me up like stars that shine in the sky.
  • god

    It was that person who one day came to our world to fill it with love, he loved us his children and gave his life to save us, he was my engine to continue which I loved with all my heart and that thanks to him I had everything that I have now he opened doors for me, his timing was perfect, in a few words God gave me the purpose to continue.
  • music

    Music for me was like those songs that identified me and since I liked music of all kinds, and in any language, music was like one of my favorite hobbies I listened to music almost all the time because it is something like It filled with energy, something that I liked to hear when I was doing homework, or when I was bored, it was something very pleasant for me.