My Timeline

Timeline created by Carson Wilson
  • My Birth

    I was born on March 16, 2005, in Hot Springs, Arkansas but I live in Arkadelphia. This event made my life possible so I could become the person I am today.
  • My first day of school

    This event changed my life because it was the first time I experienced school. Going to school helped me meet some of the friends that I have now. My first day of school I made a lot of friends.
  • Waatching my first football game

    When my dad brought me to my first badger football game that is when I decided that I was going to play football. Playing football looked really fun and I thought I would enjoy it. I was right.
  • My first dog

    My mom came home with our first dog on May 17. When she came home with the dog that changed my life. My mom said that I would have to take care of the dog. This taught me how to take care of something.
  • Starting football for the badgers

    When I started playing for the Badgers it changed my life. Playing for the badgers taught me how to be responsible. Playing for them helped me get stronger.