My Timeline

  • The day I was born

    16, May,2003, I was born. I was born in the Asian Hospital in Muntinlupa city in Manila, Philippines.
  • My first day in Dubai

    I migrated to Dubai. It was a wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous city, with lots of bloooming flowers.
  • My New Home

    I stepped inside my house and it was a huge place, I absolutely loved it! It was a really big house and my mom told me I could get a pool!
  • My Kitten

    My dad found a homeless cute kitten on the street and took it home. We named it tiger because it had stripes and always loves to nibble people.
  • Manila

    I went to visit my cousins named Angelo and Joshua in Manila, Philippines. They like to take care of me and always keep me safe and happy, I am like their best friend.
  • Easter

    On a Sunday morning me and my family had the greatest easter party ever! We did lots of hunting, playing games, and doing a lot of exciting fun things.
  • I Got My First Dog

    He is a boy, his name was chico. When we first got him he was a really small puppie and he was adorable with cute puppy eyes!
  • I Lost my Cat

    Tiger was an outdoor cat when he became older so, my family would always lets him go outside and Tiger would always go for one day out and come back home the next day because he knows the way home but one day he never came back. So my dad started puttig up signs everywhere saying "Lost Cat" but we could never find him
  • My Other Dog

    I got my new Dog named powder. He was a maltese and he was as tiny as a cup when we first saw him. I love him and he loves me.