My Timeline

By huda S.
  • My Birthday

    I was born in Scarborough General Hospital at aproximatly 10:11 A.M.
  • Tonsillectomy surgical procedure

    I had my tonsils removed.
  • Started Elementry school

    My first day of Kindergarden was at Blossom Park Public School in Ottawa, Ontario. i resigned in that school until the end of seventh grade.
  • My 8th Birthday

    i had a fun birthday party that i got to spend with my friends and family. 8 years old was my favourite age. :P
  • Moved to Markham

    I moved to Markham the day after the last day of school
  • Started my grade 8 year at Ramer Wood Public School

    First day of school in Markham at Ramer Wood.
  • Trip to Iraq

    my family and i flew to Iraq for a month of summer vacation.
  • Gradualte from Ramer Wood

    Graduated from Ramer Wood, but didn't attend the ceremony because of an early vacation to Iraq! :D
  • First day at Markville

    First day of high school as a grade nine.
  • Became the President of MSA

    Became the president of markville secondary school's Muslim Student Association.
  • Volunteered at Farmers Market & Baking Contest

    i volunteered at the farmers market all morning and at the bakers contest later on in the day.
  • Got my drivers license!

    finally got my drivers lisence. or half anyways... :P still have to drive with an adult with an up to date license.
  • Founded Charity Organization

    i founded a charity organization for the needy. started small and increased the size of the group.
  • First day of work @ DeSerres

    My first day of working at an awesome art store called DeSerres.
  • Start as Teachers Assistant

    Assist a teacher and help out to get a feel for the job. (co-op...?)
  • Completed 1000 Volunteering Hours

    i succeeded in my goal to complete 1000 volunteering hours in my four years of High School at Markville Secondary school.
  • Graduated from Markville Secondary School

    Gradualted from Markville after 4 years of slavery and unruly labour.

    i DIE