My Timeline

  • Were it all began

    I was born on December 15, 1995, and i was born the same day as my Brother.
  • #1

    My first birthday was a big deal to me and my parents...
  • Ouch...

    This was the first of four timesI have broken a bone... I fell out of bed and broke my collar bone.
  • Y 2K!!!

    I remember the year 2000 very clearly... I was eating cereal for breakfast and i remember my parents laughing about how crazy everyone was for thinking the world was going to end.
  • Kindergarten

    I remember the first day i went to see my grade school. I was very excited and i was a little scared about haveing to deal with even more kids than my brother. But they turned out better than him so I was happy.
  • 9 11

    I remember 9 11 very clearly... I was at my babysitters house and she was watching T.V. I remember looking at smoldering buildings and how sad she looked.
  • Ouch again

    This was the second time I broke my arm. I broke my right wrist playing hocky.
  • #10

    I remember my 10th birthday very well and how excited i was to be 10 years old. On that birthday, i got my first B.B. gun, which was a big deal.

    This was when my hocky team won the state championship. We had come in second place twice before and lost to the same team, but we beat them with 6 seconds left in the last period winning 1-0.
  • High School?

    I Remember that dau when I realized that i was going to start going to high school soon. I was'nt very excited, but it had to happen sometime.
  • Finaly

    Got out of that dreadful Elementry school, and begin summer vacation.
  • Florida...

    Not sure when april break is, but My family and I go to Flordia every year... Except for this year... It was realy boring and big disapointment not going.
  • Almost there...

    ALMOST 16!!! Can't wait till I am, but I'm going to start drivers ed very very soon...
  • End of Freshman Year

    Finaly done with Freshman year...
  • #16

    I can't wait to be 16 so I will get my license. I already have so many plans with what are the first things I'm going to do when i get it.