my timeline

  • I was born

    On the 18th Janury 2001 I was born in Colombia. I the hospital militar in Bogota.
  • I moved to United States of America

    on the 1st janury 2002 I moved to United States of America.
  • My 1st b-day

    I celebrate my 1st b-day in columbus and all my family came to visit me
  • I went tu disney world

    It was the 1st time i went to world disney world
  • My grandfather die

    When I was in Columbus my grandmother call me to tell me that my grandfather had passed away.
  • I was operated

    I was operated becaus i had auricle communication
  • my 1st words

    In the 30 november 2002 I said my 1st words (Mom and Dad)
  • My 1st christmas

    On 24 december 2002 I celebrate my 1st christmas in waschington d.c
  • My greadgrandfather die

    on the 1st janury 2003 my grand mother call me to tell me that my greadgranfather die
  • My 2sd b-day

    On the 18 janury 2003 I celebrate my 2sd b-day in chuckychease
  • My 2sd christmas

    In my 2sd christmas I went to miami to visit my cousents
  • My father was promoded to liternand coronel

    When my father was promoted I went to bogota to see my dad reciving the medal
  • I moved to Bucaramanga

    When I was 2 years old I moved to Bucaramanga
  • I had a parrot and a dog as a pets

    In Bucaramanga I had a parrot called pami and we also had a dog called tommy
  • My 3rd b-day

    When I was 3 years old I celebraye my birthday in Bucaramanga
  • My brother hit me with a swing in the face

    I had lots of blood in the face and they have to sew me 50 points inside and out side
  • My 3rd christmas

    In the 31 december 2004 I celebrate my christmas in bucaramanga
  • I moved to Columbus

    In the 1st janury 2005 I moved to Columbus again
  • My 4th b-day

    I celebrate my b-day in miami with my cousents
  • My 4th christmas

    When I was 4 years old I celebrate christmas with my family
  • I moved to colombia (Melgar)

    I came to Melgar because my father had because his work.
  • My 5th b-day

    I celebrate my b-day with the soldiers in "la escuela de lanceros"
  • My 5th christmas

    In my 5th christmas we went to santa marta
  • I moved to Bogota

    I came to Bogota because my dad had to go to escuela de infanteria
  • My 6th b-day

    In my 6th b-day i went to pizza hot
  • My 6th christmas

    in christmas i went to a show called 24 horas para navidad
  • My 7th b-day

    In my 7th b-day I went to santa marta
  • My 7th christmas

    In my 7th christmas I went to new york
  • My 8th b-day

    In my 8th b-day I went to a cinema
  • My 8th b-day

    In my 8th b-day I celebrated in the school and then we went to bowlling
  • My 8th christmas

    In my 8th christmas I went to my grandfathers hause
  • My father was promoded to coronel

    When my dad was promoded to coronel we went to the hause of my auncle to celebrate
  • My 9th b-day

    in my 9th b-day I celebrated in a circus
  • My parents divorce

    When my parents divorse I didn, wanted to go to school and i stay in my room all the time
  • My 9th christmas

    In my 9th christmas i went to visit Austria,Germany,Eslovenia,Hungrie
  • My 10th b-day

    In my 10th b-day I went to villavicensio
  • My 10th christmas

    In my 10th christmas i went to visit Austria,Germany,France
  • My 1st communion

    In this day all my family make me a party with my grandparents that came from Austria
  • My 11th b-day

    In my 11th b-day I went to unicentro (bowlling)
  • I will moved to portugal

    The presiden call my dad sayng that his going to portugal in may 1 2012