My Timeline (:

By Edith96
  • I was born! (:

  • Period: to

    My Life

  • First steps, teeth grew in, starting to talk

  • Potty trained

  • I got my first bike

  • Learned to ride my bike without training wheels

  • Grandpa died

  • Knew how to read really good, First grade

  • Moved to Denver

  • My first niece was born

  • Second grade in the fall; won reading award

  • Entered third grade in the fall

  • Other grandpa died

  • My first nephew was born

  • Fifth grade continuation in the spring

  • My second nephew was born

  • Entered middle school, meet my best friend Yamilex

  • My second niece was born

  • My third niece was born

  • 8th grade continuation/ CEC Applications

  • Went to Minnesota & Mall of America for the first time

  • Went to Mexico for summer vacation

  • Freashman Academy, met new friends

  • My third nephew was born

  • My fourth niece was born

  • Went to Minnesota/New Mexico for summer vacations