my timeline

By izy123
  • izy was borning

    i was born at a hospital at East Grand Rapids. I was 8lb and 9oz I was a big baby.
  • when i was 1

    When I was 1 I started to walk on my own.
  • when i was 2

    i was Potted train and i was in day care at brook crust. i was in dances it was fun
  • when i was 3

    when i was 3 I know all my colors and i known how to ride a trickle and i bit throw my toung when i was a little girl.
  • when I was 4

    when i was 4 I was eatting a popcl I feel and i cut the back of my throt and i was in tap dance and i went to certer point for my frist time.
  • when I was 6

    I was 6 years old and my older sister got marrid I was in a wedding my frist time
  • when I was 5

    I was playing out side and I had to go in and I did'nt listen to my mom and I feel was i was skating down a small hill and I broke my rist and was in kindergrandan and I got held back.
  • when I was 7

    On New years I was at my dads friends houes and me and my friend was messing around and I broke my arm I had to have surgery and i had to have a plate 2 screws and there is a broking grill in my arm
  • when i was 8

    I went on a 32 day vacation out west and i was going to all these states that I wanted to go to
  • when I was 9

    I was on a 25 day vaction out west it was fun I see my couzin
  • when i was 11

    this day was special day ever for me my frist nephew was born I was so happy now he is 7 years on now
  • when i was 12

    i was frist aunt ever i have 5 nephew
  • when I was 10

    I was in pom pom cheer
  • when i was 13

    I got my babysiting curtifcat and cperar
  • when i was 14

    I started basketball and ever scince now I still play
  • when I was 15

    I moved out of my mom house and i got into a fight with my mom so she told my dad to come and get her stuff so now I live with my dad.
  • when i was 16

    I heard my Grandpa was not doing good. my dad woke me up and we went down to my Grandmas houes and I was watching my Grandpa dieing and so my Grandpa passed away I was so sad I told my Grandpa I love him and My 3rd nephew was born
  • when i was 17

    i Got my permit and my 2nd nephew was born
  • when i was 18