My Timeline

  • My Birth

    This was the day i was born! I was born in the Marther Luther King Jr. Hospital in Orange, CA
  • Period: to

    My Timeline

    This is a timeline of my life so far.
  • I went into foster care with my little sister Sami.

    The foster home that we stayed at was called Orangewood Children's Foundation.
  • I started kindergarten at Portola Elementry School.

    I started kindergarten late beacuse I was 4 turning 5 tha year. It was difficult catching up to the other students. I had trouble in math, but my babysitter helped my and i did better on tests.
  • My family trip to Florida

    During my family vacation in Florida we went to Universal Studios.
  • Adoption Finalized

    In 2005 my little sister and I got the adoption finalized. My mom and dad now use to be my uncle and aunt. Now I have a great and big family.
  • Vacation to Hawaii

    When I was in Hawaii I went on my first boat ride. I get sick really easy, but I didn't end up getting sea sick.
  • Hannah Montana, Jonas Brother, and Miley Cyrus concert

    The summer of 2007 my sisters and I went to the Hannah Montana concdert. My older sister, Sabrina, got to invite 3 of her closest friends. Reese, Marrisa, and Starr came with us. Everyone around us was screaming like crazy! That night was a fun night!
  • I moved to Livermore and started going to school at Livermore Valley Charter School

    I moved to Livermore, and I started the 3rd grade at Livermore Valley Charter School.
  • My 9th Birthday

    For my 9th Birthday I went to Boomers with Ariel and Madi
  • Camp Arroyo

    In the 4th grade I went to Camp Arroyo. I spent a whole week without my family i did miss them.
  • 4th grade trip to Sacremento

    Most of the 4th graders went to Sacremento. We stayed at the Mariott Hotel.
  • My vacation in Nebraska.

    That summer i went with my mom and my sisters to go visit my Grandma Linda and Grandpa Jack.
  • Demi Lovato and David Archuleta concert in Las Vegas

    In the summer of 2009 mt Nina Linda got me and my family concert tickets to the Demi Lovato concert. David Archuleta was one of the opening acts for Demi.
  • Mall of America!

    While we were on our visit in Nebraska we decided to drive to MIniesota and visit the biggest mall in America. In the mall it has a water park, 3 stories or more, and a Nickeloden amusment park.
  • The day I scared half of my face

    It was the begining of the 5th grade
  • First Day of Middle School

    The first day of middle school went well for me. I thought I would do horrible, but it turned out that it was fun and I did well.
  • Raiders Game

    This is the day I performed half time at the Raiders game.
  • New Years at Disneyland

    I went to Disneyland for New Years. My family and I were at Disneyland for almost 20 hours. It was really crowded. When they were about to light up Snow White's castel my sisters and I went to go and see it. Then I got lost.
  • My Cat

    This was the night that my cat died from a stroke.
  • Karate Tournament

    This was the day my karate school went to a big karate tournament in Turlock, CA.
  • 7th Grade

    I started the 7th grade.
  • I got my brown belt

    I tested for my brown belt that night!