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  • Birth Date.

    I was born!
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    Time Line

  • One year after my birth

    One year after my birth
  • Two years after my birth

    Two years after my birth
  • Three years after my birth

    Three years after my birth
  • Four years after my birth

    Four years after my birth
  • Five years after my birth

    Five years after my birth
  • First day of Yellow Creek

    August 13 I started pre-school at Yellow Creek. I had a great time there. I never had any trouble with my parents s leaving me there.
  • 6 years after my birth

  • 9/11

    On this day it was a horrible day in America. The twin towers where destroyed in a terrorist attack. thousands of people died and thousands more were injured.
  • 7 years after my birth

  • 8 years after my birth

  • 9 years after my birth

  • First Four-wheeler

    On my 10th birthday I got a 2005 Honda Rancher Four-wheeler.
  • 10 years after my birth

  • Horrible day!

    This day was horrible for me. Just flat out horrible. I was riding my bike down a huge hill and not paying attention to be honest and wrecked. I blacked out and thats all i remember.
  • Four wheeler wreck

    This was the first time that i wrecked my four wheeler. i wrecked it pretty but but it was fixable. we were on a rough trail and i just lost control and the four wheeler just flipped over on me.
  • My first Monster Energy drink

    This was the best day of my life! I love monster energy and i still drink them to this day. i drink about 3 a day now.
  • My first alcholic beverage

    On this day in time I had my first alchoholic beverage. I liked it pretty good but it wasn't as great as people carry on about.
  • First time that i dipped.

    THis was the first time that i dipped. I liked it at first. It was pretty great until i got sick.
  • First Metallica CD

    on this date i got my first Metallica CD. it was amazing but it wasnt the first time that i had listened to them. Metallica is awsome.
  • 15 birthday

  • The 1969 Pontiac Firebird

    This was a great day in my life. We bought a '69 Pontiac Firebird project car. it was a nice starter car. but there was still a lot to be done.
  • First Nissan Frontier

    On this day I bought my own truck. It was an 01 Nissan Frontier SuperCharged. It was amazing!
  • First time I smoked a cig

    The first time that I smoked was at the beginning of the year at South East. And i still do it and love it!!! But i still want to quit. I really dont want to quit but i dont know ahha.
  • 16 birthday

  • Traded cars

    On my birthday I traded my Nissan Frontier for a Nissan Xterra. They are both nice but the Xterra is nicer. The guy came from knoxville to trade me.
  • Live at Reading Nirvana

    i got the "Live at Reading" "Nirvana" cd. i love that cd and its just soo awesome at what not!
  • Permit

    This was the day that i got my permit
  • Terrorist be gone!

    On that day the United States government finally after about 10 or 11 years finally killed Osoma Benladin.
  • Sophmore Year

    I had to do this rediculas class assignment.

    This Time Line was created!
  • Great day!

    This is when my sister moved out.
  • got my phone stolen