My Time Line <3 !

  • i was born

    January 24, 2000 Worcester MA in Saint Vincents Hospital
  • started walking

    When i was 9 months old i started walking.
  • My First Birthday Party !

    My first Birthday Part was on January 27, 2001 but my real birthday is on the 24. My theme was Precious Moments. My mom rented a place and actually got some clowns -.- thats when you know it was a long time ago
  • new dog

    I dont know the exact date but i got a new little cute dog named beba in 2002. She was my favorite dog EVER ! It was a little Shih Tzu she was so cute, we had lots of memories <3
  • First day of Pre-school

    i dont remember exactly what day or month i started pre-school but i took a guess. i was 4 years old and went to vernon hill
  • Gave Beba back to her owner ;(

    Im not sure when but in some point in 2005 my mom gave Beba back to her owner because my baby brother nazen was "supposably" elergic to her. I was crying and so mad at my mom. i still rememeber how that day went. She was the best pet and dog i had and will ever had
  • Baby Brother was borned

    on march 12, 2005 my little brother Nazen was borned . he was so cute but now hes 8 years old and a pain in the butt
  • First day of kindergarten

    its not the correct date but in 2005 i started kindergarten in the ALL School which is mow named Woodland Academy. Thats were i met my wifey Ingrid ! We have been freinds ever since the first day of kindergarten
  • Baby sister Melany was borned

    on August 11 my little sister melany was borned. She was so chubby amd cute. Today she is 6 years old. she wants to do cheerleading like me but she also wants to do balley. she can be annoying at times but not as much as my brother
  • Lobster Festival

    the first time i went to the lobster festival in Hampton beach.
  • Sisters Sweet 15

    MY Big Sisters Sweet 15 was on July 11, 2009 and her birthday is July 6
  • Started Cheerleading

    When i was 10 i started Cheerleading for the Worcester Vikings.
  • NorthCarolina

    On spring break in April i went to NorthCarolina with my family for the first time. We stayed at my cousins house that i meant and even thuogh the last time i saw here was a year ago we still keep in touch.
  • started middle school

    In 2012 i started 7th grade wich is middle school in Claremont Academy my current schol.
  • DisneyWorld!

    In novemeber 3 that was the first time i got on a plane, first time i went to florida and the first time i went to DisneyWorld! Since my chherlading team won 2 place in reginals we moved on to Nationals in Disney World ! first time in Worcester Vikings history that the cheer team made it that far. My experience in disneyworld was amazing!
  • BELIEVE Concert <3 !!!

    On November 10, 2012 it was a very special day.Even though I had to leave right after i performed at the reginals cheer competion and coudnt stay for the awards it was worth it. The minute i got off that blue mat i said my goodbyes and good luck to my team and rushed to my sister and headed off to the best night of my life.We were going 2 the BELIEVE concert ! the first time i was going to see Justin! the concert finished my coach txt me and said we got 2 place but we still made it to national