My Time in High School

  • Freshman Year: First Day

    A pretty big transition in my life. Many of my classes were with people I had not previously known. I immediately recognized that Honors Biology was going to be difficult.
  • Period: to

    High School

    Time spanning from the beginning of Freshman year to the end of Senior year.
  • The Great Recovery

    This marked the period where I ascended this realm and brought three failing grades up to B's. It was a week long battle that deserves to be recorded in history books.
  • Sophmore year starts

    This day, sophmore year began
  • Junior Year begins

    This was the day that my Junior year began.
  • Think Tank rolls out

    I attend "Think Tank" which was held by Mr. Armstrong after school every monday. I attended with a group of my close friends I met that year and we discussed astrophysics, scientific theories, and various controversial topics.
  • New tech brings new opportunities

    This is the day I got my personal computer which allowed me to do work online for multiple classes such as my honors physics class. This machine brought an increased work output, but also led to a large amount of procrastination.
  • Senior Year begins

    This day marks the beginning of my senior year. Many of my friends who were seniors last year have all moved on to college or work.
  • Where I'm From

    This was the day I presented my "Where I'm From" poem.
    I’m from a cold night, in a cold month
    In a hot state, in the hot south.
    Given a first and middle name
    Both meaning “John” in Welsh
    And a last name of Pilsbury,
    Please refrain from poking my stomach. I’m from many good friends that I left behind
    When I moved here to Georgia.
    However, many others have come into my world now.
    It was all for the best, and life has been good to me.
    I’m from a Grandfather and Grandmother who have
    Taken me acro
  • My First Car

    It was this day I got my first car. This opened many opportunities to me.
  • First day on the job

    This was the first day I worked my first job at Kroger. I am using it as a gateway to get into their pharmacy to work as a pharmacy technician while I attend college.
  • Senior Project Graded

    This was the day I recieved my grade of a 94% on my Senior Project presentation. This was a great time for me as this relieved a lot of stress.
  • Where I'm Going

    I’m going to go the way I feel I should go. I am going to attend college and work towards pharmaceutical studies. I am going to enjoy life as best as I can. I am going to be the best person I can be. I am going to take more responsibility into my life. I am going to do what must be done. I’m going to support my friends and family and they’ll support me. I will not lose focus of what I am trying to achieve. I’m going to work hard for what I want. I’m going to be me.