My Technology Use Progression

By hayki10
  • playstation 2

    2003- Is the first time I ever played playstation 2, I remember it like yesterday I was addictive to it playing everyday day without having to think about anything else in the world. I used to play it with brothers and cousins Whenever I used to loose I used to get sad and emotional since I was only 5 years old.
  • My first cell phone

    2006- I got my first ever cell phone which it was Nokia. I remember being so happy and felt like an adult and wanted to impress my friends at school with it. At that time there wasn't much we can do with the phone compared to phones nowadays. We can call and there was like 2 games on it pretty much thats it.
  • Ipad

    2010- I got my first ipad and I felt like I was in the future at that time because was so advanced compared to previous years. Since it was first touch pad at the time and I used to constant download games and play them everyday. Also watching youtube and listening to songs. 
  • playstation 4

    2014- Is when I got the playstation 4. which me and my brother were literally abusing it and playing everyday with our friends online. It was huge difference compared to the other playstations especially because of its graphics and features.
  • Iphone XS latest phone

    2020- Is when I got my Iphone XS which at this moment in my life I don't really get excited about these things anymore. Since I'm not a kid anymore. don't get me wrong I like the new IPhone since my recent phone slow to use since it old.