My Technology Timeline

  • GameCube

    GameCube is the first time I ever played video games. I went to my best friend's house and she had just gotten a GameCube for her birthday. I remember how neat and new it was for us! We played this for hours! It was the first gaming system we had experienced and we became obsessed. Photo from Wikipedia.
  • Overhead Projector

    Overhead Projector
    I remember in my 4th grade class using an overhead projector for class. My teachers might have used it before, but I remember specifically 4th grade because we were doing angles and had to create them. The projector was fun and the most interactive option for students and teachers. It allowed us to draw and write on the sheets that went over the projector. It was a nice alternative to just a whiteboard. Photo from Wikipedia.
  • Razr Phone

    Razr Phone
    A Motorola Razr flip phone was my first ever cell phone. I was going to middle school and I was going to be riding the bus to and from home. Since no one would be home when I got off school, the Razr was the way I communicated with my parents. Photo from Wikipedia.
  • Interactive SmartBoard

    Interactive SmartBoard
    In middle school, they had put in the new SmartBoards in every classroom. These SmartBoards allowed students to interact with it through the markers that came with the board. I remember being in English class and our teacher having to calibrate it in order to write in a straight line. Calibrating the board was always our favorite as every student wanted to be able to do it! Photo from Wikipedia.
  • First iPhone!

    First iPhone!
    Since I had become so addicted to my phone and texting, my parents upgraded my flip phone to an iPhone 3G! It was so hard to navigate it since I never worked with Apple products before. I loved how easy the phone was to navigate and work. I still use Apple products today and love them all! Photo from Wikipedia.
  • First Laptop

    Once I graduated high school and planned to go to Marshall for college, my grandparents bought me a laptop. It was Christmas and I was so excited to have a laptop of my own. After everyone opened up their presents, I went and set it up right away. I didn't even use it until I went to college as I didn't want to ruin it or break it.
  • Apple TV

    Apple TV
    When I arrived into my first classroom, there was already an Apple TV for me to use. It was the first time I actually had to use a TV instead of an interactive board with my students. It took some getting used to, but I absolutely love to use it now! My kids enjoy showing off their iPad skills on it too. Photo from Wikipedia.
  • MacBook

    My previous computer had finally bit the dust and I knew the county I was (hopefully) going to be working in had Apple products. I decided to go ahead and buy myself a MacBook my final semester in college. I wasn't happy about it because I was so used to my other laptop and it was so expensive. On the other hand, it did prepare me for Apple products and I absolutely love using my Mac now!