My Technology Timeline

Timeline created by ellapreece
  • My First Handheld Video Game

    My First Handheld Video Game
    My first handheld video game was the Game Boy Color in the late 90s. This is when my love for video games started. Image:
  • Family got a Gateway PC

    Family got a Gateway PC
    My family got our first computer, a Gateway PC. My mom got really into emails and ebay. It was a dialup connection and took forever to "boot up". Image:
  • Switch from Dial Up to DSL

    After the switch from "dial up" internet, I really started using the internet more. I created my own email and got into some primitive internet gaming.
  • My first laptop

    My first laptop
    In high school, I got my first laptop for Christmas. It really revolutionized my life at the time. I was typing up assignments instead of writing them, and I was Googling EVERYTHING. I wondered how I had ever done homework prior. Image:
  • My first cell phone

    My first cell phone
    I received my first cell phone for my birthday my senior year. It was a BlackBerry sliding phone. I don't even think that company makes cell phones anymore. I stayed up WAY to late talking to my friends and it made going out and meeting up with friends and family so much easier. You didn't have to plan to meet at an exact spot and time. Image: