My Technology Timeline

By Ajtief
  • My Birth Day

  • First phone call

    Some time when i was five is the earliest i remember useing the telephone
  • First Compuer

    First Compuer
    First IBM Computer Running Windows 95 Opperating System
  • Got my own TV in my bedroom

  • First Cd Player

    First Cd Player
    RioVolt CD mp3 player
  • Play Station 2

    Play Station 2
  • Xbox

  • First Ipod

    First Ipod
    Got my frist ipod the night of my Eight Grade Graduation
  • First Cell phone

    First Cell phone
    Sony Ericson
  • First Laptop

    HP Pavilion
  • First Iphone

    First Iphone
    senior year of highchool
  • First flat screen

    First Samsung 20inch Flat screen tv for my Dorm
  • Dodge Avenger

    Got my Newst car
  • First Ipod Nano

    First Ipod Nano
    Christmas Present
  • Today