My Technology Progression

  • SEGA Dreamcast

    SEGA Dreamcast
    When I was just 2 years old, I got my first device. It was an original SEGA Dreamcast console, and I used to play Sonic Adventure on it all the time! Back then, you had to have memory cards to store save data for your games, but I never had any, so every time I came close to beating the game with all the characters unlocked as a kid, I had to start over every time it was time to power it off (unless I left it on to play the next day).
  • Nintendo Gameboy Color

    Nintendo Gameboy Color
    The Nintendo Gameboy was one of the handheld game consoles I inherited from my aunt, and I used to love playing on this thing. There was one game in particular that I used to play all the time besides Sonic the Hedgehog. Sabrina The Teenage Witch had an animated game called “Zapped,” and for some reason my memories of playing this game were more vivid than others. I wish I knew what happened to it.
  • Grandmother’s Work Desktop, Windows 7

    Grandmother’s Work Desktop, Windows 7
    My grandmother had her workstation set up in the basement of the house in one of the rooms, and we used to go play on it after she was done working for the day. I would sneak on the computer early in the morning when everyone else was mostly asleep and go to a website for Sonic fans called emeraldgames.com where I frequented the chat box. There, people would roleplay as their Sonic OC’s or as canon characters. Needless to say, I got caught a few times having weird conversations with strangers...
  • Nintendo DS

    Nintendo DS
    One of my favorite apps to use was Colors!3D, where I could draw pictures of my Sonic OC’s and post them for other sonic fans to view, who soon became my first online friends. When my cousins and sister later got the DSi’s, we could all participate in group chats, play with Flipnote, and fool around with the voice recording software. We used to make up songs. One song I made with my cousins was called “Booty String.” No need to elaborate further.
  • Original XBOX Console

    Original XBOX Console
    When I was around 11 years old (approx.), my dad bought me an XBOX. I was able to play some amazing games that I will never, ever forget. Blinx, Blinx 2, Sonic Heroes, Tork, Malice, Dead or Alive series, etc. I loved my XBOX. At the time, this was my idea of peak gaming.