My Teaching Story

  • Period: to

    Pursued BSc (Biomed)

    This would be the beginning of life-long love affair with Science.
  • Started BSc- Biomed

    I was excited to pursue tertiary studies in Biomed
  • Started tutoring refugee students for NZEEO

    My first formal teaching experience and I found it hard and overwhelming.
  • Started tutoring at Uni

    I was developing my teaching skills and discovered that I enjoyed teaching my subject.
  • Started BSc- Biomed (Hons)

    I thoroughly enjoyed my subject and wanted to do more Science, pursuing scientific research.
  • Period: to

    Biomed Honours complete

    I completed my post-graduate Honours thesis in Biomed specialising in Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Started PhD in Genetics

    I was awarded a scholarship to pursue a Phd in Molecular Genetics at the University of Auckland
  • Terminated PhD in Genetics

    Unforseen life circumstances mandated a career track change.
  • Started Master of Teaching (Secondary)

    I chose to pursue my love of teaching my subject and my natural ability to teach Science.
  • My first teaching employment.

    I was offered the position of Junior Science Teacher at Auckland Grammar School, one of the most prestigious schools in the country, before I had a chance to complete my last practicum.
  • First week as a beginning teacher.

    I had successfully completed one full week at Auckland Grammar School. I was exhausted and overwhelmed. My teaching load was challenging. But I was delighted with the school and enjoyed my interacting with my students who were lovely. Exhausted, but ecstatic!
  • Completed Master of Teaching (Secondary)

    I successfully completed my Masters and was excited for what lay ahead in my career.