My Summer of 2012

By jisselt
  • Last day of being a 6th grader

    Last day of being a 6th grader
    It was the last day of me being a 6th grader. I had fun being at school. I was going to miss my friends.
  • Christina's and Ernesto's Wedding

    Christina's and Ernesto's Wedding
    I had lots of fun dancing. I met a few of my friends there. They were my parents cousin's. It was a a beautiful night.
  • Independence Day

    Independence Day
    My parent's family came and we cooked food together. We had lots of fun shooting fireworks. Our parent's would keep us safe just in case someone get hurt from the fireworks.
  • Jessica's Quince

    Jessica's Quince
  • My birthday

    My birthday
    I went to my friends house and her family said happy birthday to me. We went out to eat the next day. I had so much fun.
  • Gladis' Quince

    Gladis' Quince
    Gladis' quince was fun when the surprice dance started. The cake was really good. I had lots of fun dancing with my friends.
  • Presentation

    My little cousin's presentaion was fun. she had on a really pretty dress. The dance was fun.
  • First Day of school

    First Day of school
    A new year for me to start 7th grade. I meet 2 new teachers, new activity and new thing to learn.