My Story

  • My First Car/Permit

    I got my very first truck two days before I got my permit when I was 16
  • My dad was emitted to the hospital

    My father actually broke his neck from a bad fall a few months earlier. He was in the hospital for 2 months. The doctors throught he would never walk again
  • I thought I was fatherless

    My father went into a diabetic coma and the peremedics couldm't get him out of it. He was responding badly and he needed imediate atention and was rushed to the emergency room. Great vacation, right?
  • Senior Year/ Drivers liscense

    Got my drivers liscence on my birthday
  • DeVry University

    Started my first college Class
  • Community College

    First OCC Classes EVER. Jump start on college to get my degree faster