My Personality Timeline

  • My almost birth, or perhaphs death?

    My mom went into labor with me three months early. Fortunately, she got to the hospital before I was born. While in the hospital they sewed her cervix shut and gave some drugs to make me develop quicker.
  • My Birth

    I was born at 7:47 PM to Angela and Terry Jackson at Avera Hospital in Yankton, SD. I also had an older brother, Ryan, who was six.
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • Move to CA

    I moved from Yankton, SD to Lancaster, CA sometime when I was two. I don't know why we did it, but I do know we lived in the same neighborhood as my aunt and grandparents.
  • Moved to SD

    Sometime when I was three we moved back to the midwest. We bought a house in Vermillion, SD which we still own to this date.
  • Divorce

    My parents got divorced when I was six. I wasn't too sad about it because I didn't understand. Everything was pretty much the same except that they lived in two different houses.
  • Move to Sioux City

    I moved here around this date. I was in school by the 5th, so I know it must have been the beggining of December sometime. We moved in with my father's girlfriend. She had a mobile home in the Evergreen Trailer Court off Hwy 75.
  • Dad gains Custody

    My mom had some problems with her job, so she switched custody of me. It didn't bother me any.
  • Baptism

    Traditionally, people are baptised into the Catholic church as babies, but I was not. Debra, my father's girlfriend at the time, coverted my father and I into Catholicism.
  • Father gets remarried

    My father remarried Debra Bengford of Odebolt, IA when I was seven. I thought the wedding was a lot of fun. :)
  • Shelly's Birth

    I became a big sister when I was eight. It made me a bit nervous, I was always afraid that Shelly wouldn't like me.
  • Mother gets remarried

    Mom got remarried to Robert Pridie of Akron, IA. He had a daughter that was my age, her name was Sydney
  • Mom gets re-divorced

    Robert cheated on mom so she divorced him.
  • Mallory's Birth

    Mallory was born when I was ten. I thought she was a lot easier to get along with than Shelly. I think it might just be because I already knew how to handle little girls.
  • Mother in Car Accident

    My mom got in a bad car accident after rolling hr car in a ditch during the winter. She broke her back and ankles and she had to spend Christmas in the hospital.
  • Move to 721 34th St.

    We moved from evergreen to here when I was in 5th grade. We needed more room because of my soon-to-be brother,
  • Cody's Birth

    I was so excited to finally get a little brother.
  • First Relationship

    I got into my first relationship in 7th grade. We lasted 11 months. I think that's pretty good for being in middle school. :)
  • TAG classes

    I was transfered to the TAG program in 7th grade, fourth quarter due to teacher reccomendation,
  • Mom's boyfriend

    Mom began dating her current boyfriend, Glenn, in 2010.
  • Move to 1583 120th St.

    Our family decided we needed more space, so we moved out to the country.
  • Run Away

    I became very depressed over the summer, and eventually it came to a point where I needed to escape it all. So I left Dad's house and stayed with mom for three weeks without asking. I consider it running away.
  • Grandma Deathly ill

    I stayed with Mima, my mother's mother, until 10:00PM the night that she died. I was with her from the moment she entered the hospital until then. Thinking about still saddens me a little.