Personal Timeline - Mtende Moyo (1/3/2005 - 8/19/2019)

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  • My first day of school

    I don't remember too much about it, but it's important because it was the start of me going into Public School.
  • My Little Brother's Brith

    This is important because my family is important to me. Sure I'm only older by three years, but I feel like I've become more responsible.
  • Moving to Arkadelphia

    I lived in Alpine, Texas up until this point, but then we moved here. It's important, because I lost all my friends and no longer knew anyone. If I hadn't moved here though, I wouldn't know most of the people and friends I do now.
  • Joining the band

    In 6th grade, I joined band and picked the Tuba (which I still play today)! This is important, because it encouraged me to eventually join clubs, and get more involved overall. I'm now also in FBLA and Debate, and I'm considering joining robotics.
  • Doing Research

    In 7th grade, we had to do a project on a problem in today's world we thought was relevant, and I picked police brutality. Don't get me wrong, I already knew some about it, but after reading several articles, it made me further realize how awful some people can be. I know I can't "fix the world", but I can do my best to be a better person.
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