My Personal Timeline

By bkane
  • Born

    This day was my birth day, for my family i was the first child.
  • Baptism

    My Baptism was the first step of initiaion into the Catholic Church, this was signficant to me becuase it gave me an understanding of faith and how to be a practising catholic.
  • Started Pre-School

    On this day i stated pre-school, this was important becuase it was one of the first times i got a chance to interact with other children my age.
  • Grandpa Arthur Died

    The Death of my Grandpa was depressing for not only myself but also for my extended family since he was the reason of why my family is in Australia today, he died on Christmas Day Evening.
  • Started Primary School

    The start of primary school was the beginning of my formal education, as a result of this i gained knowlege which would come in use for later on in my life. The start of school also brought large amounts of friends, some of which are currently my closest mates
  • Brother Born

    The birth of my brother again caused great joy within my family, his birth has impacted me on positive various levels and will have also affect my life in the future for the good.
  • First Holy Communion

    Partaking in my First Holy Communion was the first time i recieved the body of Christ, this event was the most important for my spiritual health because i was now able to fully particapte in the mass.
  • Grandpa Nereus Died

    The Death of my Grandpa brought extreme miserablness to my family since we were all close to him, this was especially important becuase he was a major influence in my life.
  • Confirmation

    My confirmation meant i had completed all sacraments of initiation, by doing so i became closer to God.
  • Graduated From Primary School

    This was a sad point in my life becuase i had to say goodbye to some of my best mates.
  • Round-The-World Trip

    The Round-The-World Trip which i made with my family, brought me closer to my family.
  • Started High School

    High School brought on many challenges for me although i struggled at first, i was able to cope.
  • Moved Houses

    Moving houses from my old address was really important for me becuase i had spend most of the duration of my life living at that house.
  • Started Outdoor Cricket

    This day was the first day of competitive outdoor cricket, by particiapating in a sport which i had a keen interest in all my life i was able to interact succesfully with my peers and develop my skills.
  • First Relationship - Girlfriend

    This was the first time i had been in a relationship, it is significant becuase it showed me what love is and the tremondous power it can have.