my personal time line.

  • my first birthday

    On my first birthday, my mom and dad invited lots of relatives and friends for me and my brother’s birthday. We got lots of presents when the party was over.
  • Lost tooth

    When I was 4 years old, I used to run around alot. When I fell down while running, I chipped and lost my tooth.
  • Going to K-days

    We went to K-days and I was both happy and upset with the rides.
  • starting Kindergarten

    I was really excited to go to kindergarten. I was shy but I got to know some other kids in my class.
  • pajama day

    I was really happy for my first pajama in kindergarten. I felt really comfortable.
  • homework arrival in grade 3

    I was extremely shocked to get homework for the first time in grade 3. I was also a little upset but I got them done.
  • No more baby stuffies or blankets

    I got rid of my old blankets and stuffies before I got to grade 4 because I was growing up.
  • going online

    I was surprised to know that me and my 3 brothers were going to do online school.
  • Iphone Xr

    I have always wanted a phone since I was 6 years old. Then my dream came true when I got my Iphone Xr.
  • Getting started with 7th grade.

    I was really excited to start with 7th grade. I got to meet my teachers before school started.