My personal technology timeline

  • My first PC

    My first PC
    My parents had a couple PC's that ran Windows 3.1 and eventually Windows 95. I was crazy about trying to figure out how they worked and how to try to program them.
  • My own TV

    My own TV
    I had a small TV in my room when I was ten. I don't remember watching it too much but I remember my family having to watch it every new years because we didn't get locals on our main TV
  • Cell Phone

    Cell Phone
    Already obsessed with having the latest gadgets by 12 I had my first cell phone. This samsung flip phone was black and white but had a few games...
  • Laptop

    i got my first laptop right before high school. I remember being so excited to get it that I couldn't wait to go to best buy. This is the computer that I still use today since my Mac is broken
  • iPod

    On a trip to the mall of America I remember visting the first apple sotre I ever saw. I remember the guy at the genius bar showing me the speed at which the song would download and I was amazed.
  • Smartphone

    I got my first smartphone around sophmore year of highschool. I remember trying to use all the functions to organize my schedule and add all the coolest apps
  • iPhone

    Joining into the Apple craze I got the iPhone in 2008 and have been upgrading with the same platform since
  • Credit Card

    Credit Card
    My first credit card allowed me to buy more of the technologies that I couldn't afford before. Several credit cards and way too many payments later I am finally stopping their use.
  • Macbook

    After years of hating Mac I was drawn in by the portability and battery life of the macbook air. This computer later broke in a car accident in which it still hasn't been fixed
  • iPad

    I got the iPad 2 after seeing the usability of all of the apps as well as its applicability for school use.
  • Technological Realization

    Technological Realization
    After being immersed in every type of technology that I could get my hands on I realized the impact of these devices on my life. I realized that with the use of these "wonders" I was missing out on what life is really about. Coupled with the realization of the impact of mass media on individual consciousness I have since tried to eliminate my use and possession of most the gadgets that I used to obsess over. I have lost appreciation over what man can make and find wonder in this beautiful world.