My personal odyssey

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    My Personal Odyssey

  • Moved to Folsom

    Moved to Folsom
    I moved to Folsom, CA when I was five years old. Folsom is a suburb of Sacramento. My mom, dad and I moved from South Sacramento, about 45 minutes away. I moved to Folsom when I was five years old, and lived there until I finished high school and moved away for college. Folsom has played a very important role in my life, the city and the people I met there helped to shape me into the person I am today. I grew up in Folsom, and I have many memories of rollerblading and biking around the town
  • Parents got divorced

    Parents got divorced
    My parents getting divorced affected my entire life. I now have a step-father, 3 step-brothers, 1 step-sister and a step-mother. Meeting all od these new people and accepting them in my life was hard at first, however, now I love having a larger family (including 2 nieces!). My step-brothers and I became very close, they taught me about football, fishing, camping and hunting; I am now a better person because of them.
  • College at LMU

    College at LMU
    Starting college at LMU was one of the best events of my life. I met some great people at LMU, and the school taught me many things beyond simple academics. I could not have imagained attending any other school. From LMU I learned hardwork and the meaning of true friendship. After undergrad, I went to LMU for grad school also. Thus, LMU has helped me to become the teacher I am today.
  • Semester abroad in Germany

    Semester abroad in Germany
    My junior year of college, I moved to Bonn, Germany. In Germany I lived with a host family and attended a special program at the Bonn University. From living in Germany, I learned how to be more independent since I was far from my family and friends (I ate alone at a restaurant for the 1st time!). I also learned to appreciate another culture and fell in love with the German food, people and customs.
  • Backpacking through Europe

    Backpacking through Europe
    After graduating from college I backpacked through Europe with my bast friend for 2 months. We traveled to 8 different countries. Through this experience I learned to read a map (ha!) and I also learned more about responsibility. My friend and I had some tense moments when we lost some of our belongings and also had some trouble with hotel manager. We learned to stand up for what we believe in, and to take responsibility for our actions (even when we were half way across the world).
  • Started teaching

  • Moved to Hawaii

    Moved to Hawaii
    Moving to Hawaii changed many things for me. I learned to be even more independent in Hawaii, as I moved there on my own and knew no one for months. I learned that it was extremely hard to make friends after college. I also reaffirmed my love for of teaching high school as I taught 6th grade at a Montessori school for a few months and hated it! Throughout my time in Hawaii I learned to be more open to new ideas, people and customs. I also met my boyfriend in Hawaii and found true love.
  • Moved to San Diego

    Moved to San Diego
    Moving to San Diego has allowed me so many more opportunities than Hawaii ever could. I am closer to my family and spend more time with them, which has really taught me how much I value family and how important it is to spend time with them. San Diego has also given me a new job at CHS, and taught me to be thankful.