My Personal Oddessy

  • The Journey Begins

    The Firat Day I Michael Leon Martin Jr was born into the world at Abbeville Memorial Hospital in Abbeville SC from Alicia Hill and Michael Martin
  • Farewell To Ithica

    When I went to summer camp for the first time in Clemson, SC. It was a 3 week camp and I was nervous considering it was my first time away from home. But it actually turned out to be pretty fun and i enjoeyed it !
  • The Sirens

    I was at Wal-mart and I saw this man come out with his money in his hand but missed his pocket and it fell out. He didnt even notice that he had dropped $200 on the ground. Although I was very tempted to be like "Finders Keepers, Loosers Weepers" I yelled to him and brung him his money back
  • The Trojan Horse

    One of the biggest acomplishes of my life was winning a essay contest in 8th grade. It was an essay contest that our librarian hosted. I really didnt expect to win considering I was going up against some tough competition. But fortunatlely I did and won a $75 prize for first place. I was really proud of myself and i realized i can do ANYTHING that i put my mind to.
  • Circe's Advice

    This advice was given to me by my middle school Principal. He gave me a long speech about growing up and start acting more mature and after that I really started to grow up from my childish ways. One quote he said that I will forever remember is " When I was a child, I Thought Like A Child But When I started to become a man I let go of all my Childish ways"
  • Calypso's Island

    Last Summer me and some friends went walking in the woods late at night and i was Extremly sleepy and I told them i was going to catch up with them in a minute. I feel asleep and woke up and remembered that i didnt know my way back home, I was so scared and alone in the woods , I was praying and luckily my friends came back to get me because im pretty sure i was fixing to have a panic attack
  • Athena's Guidance

    The person who I would have to say helped me the most among my journey would have to be my mom. She has been there woth me through thick and thin and always have provided me with everything I wanted and needed. I never wanted for anything, anything she has I have and vice versa
  • Down To Hades

    If i had to speak to one person that is dead and ask questions, I would surely pick my Great Grandmother Georgia. She died a year before I was born and I never had the chance to meet and talk to her so that would be one of the first people I would choose to talk to !
  • Penelope

    One of the most loyal person I know is my cousin Tre. He has always been loyal to me since we were little kids. Ive never had to worry about him being fake or phony towards me. He also knows that the same applies to him. Loyal People are always the best people to have as friends because they will stick with you through thick and thin!!
  • Singing Your Praises

    One of my quality that I posses that im proud of is my smartness. Ive always been smart and that works in your advantage. People actually look at you in a different way if they know that youre well educated and thats something that I love so i refuse to let myself start getting dumber and have people look at me in a different way !!