MY personal info of Awesome_kiru24

  • when Awesome_kiru24 was Born

    This is when I was born which was on June 24 2000.I was born in Sri Lanka.
  • Period: to

    kiru's life

  • The first time i walked.

    This was my first time walked which was on this day and it still was on Sri Lanka
  • The first time at school

    This was my first for me going to school.
  • When I first played soccer

  • my first time leaveing to sri lanka.

    This is when I left from sri Lanka because of the War.We left to Canada for a better life.
  • Arriving to Canada

    This is I finally made it to Canada to have a better life.
  • My first game which was a gameboy.

    this is when my dad bought me a gameboy on my birthday.
  • My first rollercoaster ride in wonderland or Canada

    This was my First time I was ever on a rollercoaster and I was not happy when I got on.