My Personal and worldly Timeline

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  • The Day I was Born

    The Day I was Born
    I was born on in 1999, in Mt.Sinia Hospital, New york. I was In the Night time between 9-12 pm.
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    My Personal And Worldly Timeline

  • 3,000 troops sent to Iraq

    3,000 troops sent to Iraq
    3000 U.s army troops were sent to Iraq to fight the war . They sent the troops to a city called Mosul. They sent them to increase Iraq's defences against Saddam Hussein. The troops took a plane to get to Iraq. This effected Iraq because now it gives Iraq a better chance of winning the war.
  • My Trip TO Cuba

    My Trip TO Cuba
    I went on a trip to the tropical country of Cuba. The city I went to and stayed in was called Havaana. Our trip to Havanna,Cuba was my families first vacation in seven years with my father. It impacted my life because I got to spend quality time with my dad.
  • The Hudson River Crash

    The Hudson River Crash
    A U.S Airways Plane crashed in the Hudson River with 155 people on it. The plane crash happened three minutes from Laguardia Airport. The engines let out due to the fact that some birds flew into the engines causing it to crash. this event decreased the flight population.
  • when I Received My Black Belt

    when I Received My Black Belt
    I recieved My black belt in Tae-kwon-do. Although my test was on Halloween, I didn't get the actual black belt until a week later. The test that I took was at Jack's Taekwon do School. It was 6-8 hours long. My favorite catorory was the breaking (boards). This Impacted my life because now i can defend myself .
  • Earthquake In Haiti

    Earthquake In Haiti
    Haiti was devistated by a huge and deadly earthquake of 7.0 magnitude. The earthquake had 230,000 killed and buried under the rubble. This was a catastrophic event. This IImpacted the world because the Prime ministers or Presidents have to decide how much money to donate to rebuild Haiti .
  • My First Trip To India

    My First Trip To India
    My Family and I went to India . We went to India for one month. We went to all the different cities like Delhi. Japur, and Agra. We went to India to visit my relitives and to go to a wedding. while we were in India we saw the Taj Mahal. It was huge, grand ,and beautiful. It was a long flight there though. THis trip impacted my life because I realized how fortunate we are.
  • My First Horseback Riding Lesson

    My First Horseback Riding Lesson
    I went for my very first horse back riding lesson. It was at Pickering Horse Center . The horse I rode was named Teddy. It was a windy day and I fell off my horse, because the horse got bitten by a horse fly. This has Impacted my life because i figured out how much I love horses and other animals.
  • The Presidential Elections

    The Presidential Elections
    On November 4, 2008, Barak Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States of America. 125,000 people showed up when Obama adressed the people in Grant Park, Chicago. The elections happened in Washington .D.C. THis impasted our world bcause this determines who is going to make the decisions in the United States.