My personal and wordly timeline

By dallan
  • When i was born

    When i was born
    I was born in Toronto in The Toronto Genaral Hospital. I had to saty there for a week because i was very late coming out. Also wgen i was born my head was the worng way sunny side up.
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    my personal and wordly timeline

  • 911 attack

    911 attack
    When 911 ocured I was only 2 but I do remeber that as soon as that happened the was a total upgrade in surcurity and general saftey in historic sites and airports. This happened because terriosts wanted to make U.S.A. affraid of them. What happened was that terriosts hijacked 3 air planes and Wanted to crash into the Twin Towers, the Octagon and luckly the other crashed by passengers saaving their countrys by over powering the terriosts.
  • I learend to ski

    I learend to ski
    When I learend to ski in 2001 I was 2 this has lead me to be a competitive skier. skiing is my favourite sport I spend my winters skiing. Also i have made alot of good friends from m y ski teams and have travelled to some pretty cool places to ski.
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    time span

  • George Bush signed No Child Left Behind contract

    George Bush signed No Child Left Behind contract
    When George Bush Signed the no child left behind contract he donated lots of money to help stundents get back into school also he wanted kids to hav e a decent schooling so they could at least have a job. This was very samrt because if he donates alot of money the U.S.A, unaployment rate will lower.
  • I learend to ride a 2 wheeler

    I learend to ride a 2 wheeler
    When I learend to ride a bike in 2002 it lead me to love cycling and biking in the forest Also I know I will bike for the rest of my life
  • U.S. Troops capured Baghdad

    U.S. Troops capured Baghdad
    this battle was Three weeks long. Also Suddam Hussiens regme came to a end 2 days after U.S troops captured Baghdad
  • I started KinderGarten.

    I started KinderGarten.
    When I started JK I met my best friend Braden and we have been ever since. Also I learned 1+1 and the alpha bet which lead me too learn to read and write
  • Obama was elected presendent

    Obama was elected presendent
    Obama was officaly inaugrated in 2009. He is now the stong faithful leader of the United Utates of America. Also he is the first black man to hold office.
  • When I started TCS

    When I started TCS
    When I first started TCS I learned to work hard and some helpful study habits for highschool. Also I made some awesome friends.