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My Past

By rbagtaz
  • Birthday!!

    I was the first child born at Sturdy Memorial Hospital to Michael and Terry. I am the oldest granchild on my dad's side, and the 3rd oldest on my mom's side.
  • My First Birthday!!

    My First Birthday!!
    Happy First Birthday to me!!
  • A Baby Brother!

    A Baby Brother!
    My little brother was born!
  • Sister & Brother

    Sister & Brother
    I've always loved my little brother...I started looking out for him the day he was born, and still worry about him today!!
  • My Brother's Change...

    My Brother's Change...
    My Brother was diagnosed with ADHD...a slew of medications were tried, a combination of which caused a developmental delay in his growth.
  • Began Cheering

    Began Cheering
    I began cheering - something I love to this day!
  • A Baby Sister!

    A Baby Sister!
    My little sister was born! She's 10 years younger than I am...We sandwich all of the cousins on my dad's side - the oldest and the youngest, and the only two girls :)
  • My First Biography

    My First Biography
    One of those "If I knew then what I know now..." situations...except, I DID know then what I SHOULD have known now! In my biography from the age of 99, I wrote that I spent my working years teaching 3rd grade...
  • Girl Scout Silver Award!

    Girl Scout Silver Award!
    My Cadette Girl Scout troop and I earned our Silver Awards by helping to clean up and repair the town's nursery school - we repaired the playground, repainted and wroked on cleaning it up for the students!
  • Girl Scout Gold Award

    Girl Scout Gold Award
    I earned my Girl Scout Gold Award with a project that created care packages for the Veterans at the VA hospital in Augusta, ME.
  • High School Graduation!!

    High School Graduation!!
    I graduated with honors, in the National Honor Society and as a Class Officer!
  • Monadnock Mountaineers

    Monadnock Mountaineers
    My first team! I began coaching by volunteering for the Monadnock Mountaineer pop warner program. I volunteered for 4 years as the head coach of the Midget level team! In my last year, my team placed 3rd at states and moved on to Regionals!
  • College Graduation!!

    College Graduation!!
    I graduated from Franklin Pierce with my Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice; I earned a double minor in Psych and Sociology. I was an SGA class officer, and had NO IDEA what to do with my life!
  • Wedding Day!

    Wedding Day!
    I married my best friend 6 days after my 25th birthday, and 12 days after his 25th birthday!! January is "our" month! I love the life that we've built together, and I look forward to our future together!!
  • A Baby Boy!

    A Baby Boy!
    My first nephew (my brother's son) was born - It's amazing how instant that love is! I can't get enough time with that little boy!!
  • Special Olympics!

    Special Olympics!
    First time volunteering for Special Olympics - Kim and I started a tradition that I hope lasts a long time!!!
  • Our First Home!!

    Our First Home!!
    We bought our first home!! Definitely one of the happiest days ever - So proud of all we've worked for!! I love my home as much as I love my husband!
  • Brandi!!

    We adopted Brandi 3 months after we bought our house. She was 8 at the time, but she's such a great dog! She's our first pet together, and we couldn't be happier! I love coming home and seeing her in the bedroom window upstairs just waiting for us!
  • First Family Portrait

    First Family Portrait
    This is the first "Family Portrait" of my husband, our dog and me. We had gone camping together with all of Mike's cousins. This was also our first camping trip together!
  • Hollis Brookline!

    Hollis Brookline!
    I was hired as a member of a Varsity High Schol cheer coaching staff! I am an assistant coach for the Hollis Brookline Cavaliers for the fall and winter cheer seasons!