My parents meet

  • My parents meet

    My parents meet at a meeting for people who love trail riding and driving of horses.
    At the second meeting, mum was looking for the interesting man who was to become my Dad, mum thought he was cheeky.
    Uncle Greg had come to Stanthorpe to go to the Apple and Grape Ball; Dad followed Greg and Mum to the pub and introduced himself.
    The next night at the Ball mum and Dad danced all night this was the beginning of their relationship.
  • married

    Mum and Dad 1 year later married in June.
  • pregnant

    When mum was pregnant with me she had cravings for Jelly. This year of my birth, mum and Dad must have been so happy, that was until I started screaming, and apparently I cried a lot as I had reflux.
  • Eidsvold

    We moved to Eidsvold an aboriginal community mum was a teacher there, I attended playgroup
  • 1999

    We were living in Dimbulah in far North Qld; I remember going to kindy I hung with the girls mostly. I did have an accident I fell out of the truck and broke my skull and the bones in my ear which made me very car sick when I moved.
  • Stanthorpe

    We moved to Stanthorpe and I started Preschool – I had a best friend who I can’t remember her name, she was dark haired and had Italian parents. When I attended preschool I was unable to remember names of any of my mates, little did my parents realise this was the start of my later to be discovered disability (dyslexia). I loved preschool and my teacher.
  • Pittsworth

    We moved to Pittsworth and bought a farm (cattle and horses).
    There were lots of horses and I rode my pony (snowball and tinsel) mustering cattle.
    My parents drove horses and I remember sitting on the slide holding my Dad’s legs
    I did not like the primary school the kids bullied me. I was struggling greatly with my school work and did lots of programs and got checked out a lot, but at this time they did not figure out what was going on.
  • dad

    Very sadly in July of this year my Dad was killed in a car accident.
  • hospital,

    Beginning of 2007 and up to 2009 my Mum was very sick; spending months in hospital, my Grani looked after me.
    During this time Mum meet Ralph who is now my step father, he had three sons Troy, Boof and Jay who were to become my wonderful step brothers.
  • Brassall

    At this time mum and Ralph moved in together in Brassall and married in 2010.
    During this year it was discovered that I had dyslexia, auditory and visual processing disorders which make reading and writing extremely difficult for me. Luckily for me I started attended Brassall State School where I was no longer bullied.
  • Claver

    I started high school at St Peter Claver College which was a wonderful, very good start: it had everything I needed to overcome my disorder to learn and have successes. The teachers help me to find ways to enable me to do my work efficiently. I also got a special computer program that reads documents for me. I love Dancing and drama. Ralph and mum got married that year also.
  • family

    This year is significant as I met my now best friends; Eden, Teegan, Cassidy, Kat, Sarah, Amber, Mikayla. My family and I travelled to the tip of Northern Australia and I love the great Barrier Reef