My mom gave birth

By rodis
  • My mom gave birth

    My mother was too happy to give birth to fantastic child.
  • First day in Kinder

    The first day of kinder was a failure because i was crying the whole tieme.
  • First time i saw my dad

    My dad was in the U.S. then he went to go visit us in mexico, and thats the first time i saw him
  • My nephew was born

    I was so exited because i was ngoing to be an uncle for the first time.
  • My trip to the U.S.

    My parents decided to come to the U.S, when i was 10 years old.
  • Moved to El Monte

    after living for 2 months in Pomona, we decided to move to El Monte CA.
  • My first school in the U.S.

    My first school was awesome, mostly my teacher because she was nice and she helped me learn some english.
  • my first real kiss

    ofcourse i had already kiss other girls, but that kiss was the one that made me feel weird and in love.
  • My first year in highschool

    my first year in highschool was not as good as i would have wanted it to be. i was scare of the teacher because i didnt know how they were going to treat me.
  • first day of my senior year

    I thought i was going to start my last year good, but i had to serve a saturday school before getting my schedule. That is going to stay with me for the rest of my life because that was a bad start