my memories family

By Mai Do
  • where my grandfather was born

    where my grandfather was born
    my grandfather lived in Laos when he was a boy. His family was poor and had 6 members in family
  • my grandfather native country

    my grandfather native country
    my grandfather cameback to Vietnam because he wanted to live in his hometown
  • Woman of my grandfather

    my grandfather met a woman whom is my grandmother now. he told me that when they had met, he was happy because he lilked Vietnamese Woman
  • unforgettable memories

    unforgettable memories
    this time, my grandparents got married, It is the most memorable moments of their
  • My father's work

    When we was young, everybody had had a work for their, so do my father. He was an employee in restaurant on Lang Ha Streest. He served in the kitchen
  • Why my father met my mother

    My father was met my mother by their friends. They are the same age and born the same day the same month. They was suprised because they usually celebrate their birthday party together
  • My mother's wedding gift

    When my parents got married, my grandfather gave my parents the store as a marriage portion. Now my mother opens the coffee shop in this store
  • My parents's wedding day

    My parents's wedding day
    My parents got married when they 21 years old. They told me that the weather is great. it was sunny but not hot. My mother was beautiful when she wore wedding dress. My father was handsome and he always had smile on his face
  • My secret name

    My mother's best friend has named Nguyen Thi Quynh Mai. My parents was impress that name and they decided to put that name for their daughter. Because my name is Do Quynh Mai
  • My brother

    I had had an old brother. He was born 1991. He was sick and my father was taken to hospital. But the doctor wasn't careful, so he was shocked drugs. Because my brother was died
  • My sister

    My sister was born in Ho Chi Minh City during my parents's visit. Her name is Quynh Anh. Anybody offen say with us that: " You and my sister look like twin ".
  • My Kindergarten

    My Kindergarten
    My Kindergarten was named after a hero of Viet Nam - Quang Trung. I cried a lot of that day because i didn't have my mother beside me. But my teacher was comforting and gave me a candy. I was holding and enjoy that candy. Now my old kindergarten has changed a lot, it has elevator and repainted blue and yellow
  • My Primary School

    My Primary School
    I used to go to school so that when i studied in the primary school, i had no fear. It also was name after a hero of Viet Nam - Quang Trung. My teacher named My, she was old but also she was beautiful. When i studied the grade 2, she was died. My class was sad so much
  • My first summer vacation

    My family went to Do Son with my parents's friends. I was vey excited for that holiday. My mother bought a swimming suit to me. It was pink and had yellow fish. When my family was there, we had fun time together. Everyday, I swum with my father, my mother did't know swim
  • My old secondary

    When i started study in the secondary, I was very sad because i must break up my friends and my teacher. But after period of study, i was fimiliar with new teachers and friends. And i knew that my secondary school - Tay Son was where my father used to study