my live

By jcp23
  • i was born

  • I met my family

  • Period: to

    I met my cosent

  • i lear how to talk

  • ilear to walk

  • my first birth day

  • i enter to the garden school

  • i to a lot barney

  • i share with other children

  • my sister born

  • my fourth birth day

  • enter to the english school

  • my grand pa death

  • my grandpa die

  • my six birth day

  • i start doing bici cross

  • i repit the year in 3 grade

  • my fourth birth day

  • i will get 3 suns 1 will coll cristina 2 andres and 3 german

  • i will work in a restaurant or some thing to buy me a motorcicle

  • i will gut out of the school

  • i will study in U.S.A

  • i will work

  • i will get merry