my live

By martona
  • I was born

    I was born
    In this magnific day I was born in the hospital of Clinica Corachan in Barcelona. I give thanks to my parents to take me to live.
  • Today is my first christmas!!

    Today is my first christmas!!
    I'm very nervous to pass my first christmas with all my family. I love christmas!!
  • My first carnaval!

    My first carnaval!
    Today is carnaval, and i'm gonna dress up like a pea. i'm very little!
  • I'm happy...

    I'm happy...
    I'm happy for having a family that loves me and take care of me. Thanks family! Here I'm coming of some place that I don't remember.
  • My first birthday

    Today is my birthday! I'm here with all my family and they are giving me a lot of kisses and presents! I like presents! (jajajajaja)
  • my first birthday!!

    my first birthday!!
    now I have 1 year!
  • My brother was born!

    My brother was born!
    I'm very happy for having a brother! Her name is David and he is very beautifull. I love him!!
  • My first day of school

    My first day of school
    I'm very happy to going for first time to SEK-Catalunya, but I don't like much my uniform. See me, I look like an adult!
  • I went to Lanzarote for holidays.

    I went to Lanzarote for holidays.
    I'm going to Lanzarote!! I've seen heisers, camels,... I like much that holidays, as you can see, I'm very happy.
  • I am 5 years old!

    I am 5 years old!
    Now I'm much bigger, because I have 5 years! I go to infantil 5º grade. I have a lot of friends, and I learn many things every day in school.
  • My birthday! 7 years.

    My birthday! 7 years.
  • I do violonchelo.

    I do violonchelo.
    I like to play music. This is not my favourite instrument, but I like it. do it in the music school of la garriga.
  • travel of end of the year!

    travel of end of the year!
    we went to valencia. we went to many interesant places, like,for example, terra mítica. it was very fun!
  • I finish primary!!

    I finish primary!!
    I'm cvery happy for finishing primary but it's hard to say goodbye to friends and teachers. I'm going to ESO, and best and more dificult age of school. ooooooooooooh! I don't have any image of this day, so I put another one.
  • my birthday! 3 years

    my birthday! 3 years
  • My birthday! 8 years.

    My birthday! 8 years.