My lilfe line

  • Birth

    This day is significant becasue it was the day I was born and brought into this world.
  • BIrth of sister

    This day is significant becasue it brought in my second sister to the world. I also like this day because it made me older than someone in my family.
  • baptism

    I was baptized into the catholic church and had my original sin removed
  • First day of school

    The first day i went to school in Avon Lake ohio. This date is significant because this is the day I met my best friend for the next 3 years through elementry school.
  • First communion

    I had my first communion for my church and was able to accept the ucherist in church and became a child of the church
  • new house

    this date is an important date for me becasue it is when I moved from my old house in Ohio to the state Indiana
  • sleep over

    I have my first sleep over on my 8th birthday with my two best friends and we watch Pirates of the Carribean Curse of the Black Pearl
  • middle school

    My first day of middle was important becasue it was the day i met new people not just hte people who i had in my classes everyday. And it was a big step in responsibilty for myself
  • High school

    The first day of high school is significant to me becasue I realized I wasnt going ho have any friends in my classes and I needed to focus on my grades more what i have been
  • Cross country

    this date is significant becasue it is around the time that my middle school cross country won confrence and county and I was a varsity runner
  • 50th

    This day is significant to me because it will be my grandparents 50th wedding anniversarry.