My lifes timeline

Timeline created by Zvne0713
  • Fishing at 8 years old

    When I was 8 my Moms ex-boyfriend took me fishing and I caught my first fish but I was too scared to touch it so he talked to me and told me that the fish can't hurt you so I picked it up so ever since that day I haven't been scared to pick up a fish
  • Hunting At 8 Years old

    when I was 8 my uncle took me hunting with him and we went to his deer stand so we waited a couple of hours and we saw one so he taught me how to shoot the gun so I shot the gun for the first time and I shot the deer so ever since that day I'm not afraid to shot a gun
  • four wheeler wreck

    When I was 10 I lived on a dirt road in Caddo valley so I hit a sharp turn and I crashed it into the ditch and I cut my knee and dirt was getting inside it so it made it worse so my mama talked to me and told me the things I shouldn't do on the four-wheeler and ever since that day I haven't crashed on a four-wheeler yet
  • My Firstime Playing Basketball

    I was 11 years old and my brother was outside playing basketball so I asked if I can play and they told me no I was trash so I was thinking to myself I should practice so I asked my mama if she can buy me ball and she did so I used to go outside everyday and practice on my dribbling and shooting so after I got done practicing my brothers said I can play with them so now I know how to play basketball well