My Life Until Now!

  • Day I was born!

    Day I was born!
    I was born 3 days before my mom birthday!
    I was born in Long Beach California. My mom named me after my dad Kevin Paul Sr.
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    My Life Until Now

  • The Big Move

    The Big Move
    We drove all day and night to move to Texas from California. I was only two years old. My mom says I slept the whole way.
  • A New Baby!

    A New Baby!
    My mom had my brother Cameren when I was 3. I learned early it was very different having a brother! I have to share all my toys!!
  • 1st Day of School

    1st Day of School
    I was super excited about starting kindergarten! I met so many new friends.
  • Playing with cousins

    Playing with cousins
    I met my cousins when I moved to Texas. We have been best friends since.
  • Football Star

    Football Star
    I started playing tackle football when I was 7. I love playing football with my cousins.