My life timeline

  • Period: to

    Coming back

    I came back from a family trip to Africa that really challenged my strength and coming back and throwing myself into school and work was the only way i could cope.
  • Nature vs. Nurture

    Nature vs. Nurture
    When it comes to Nature (Genetic Inheritance) vs Nurture( Exposure to life experiences) I view the world through my nurture rather than my nature because life changed me, and my thinking process. Although i still have the pre-wiring my parents ingrained in me i'm more open minded about the world because of the experiences i went through over the years. In my culture individuals are very close minded, rarely show emotion, and see the world through a peep hole. I try to avoid think like that.
  • Teratogens & Delivery Mortality Rate

    Teratogens & Delivery Mortality Rate
    Teratogens-Something that causes birth defects in growing embryos. In Africa women are less likely to be exposed to harmful chemicals as well as drugs, but women in America are more likely to for teratogens because they have access to such harmful substances. My mom almost died a couple times giving birth because she didn't have access to medical help, and that why the delivery mortality rate in Africa is so low.
  • Theory of mind

    Theory of mind
    Theory of mind-The development that happens through ones childhood. When i was little use to think that i use to think that people laughed only when they were happy but soon found out that people tend to laugh when they're mad or when they're feeling uncomfortable.
  • Period: to

    Looking forward

    Coming back from a life changing summer i focused on my school and making sure i did the best i could even though i was ignoring the real problem.
  • Cognitive Development

    Cognitive Development
    Cognitive Developmental-The growth and changing process of individuals throughout their life. I remember when i was little i used to think i knew everything because i thought things were exactly as I imagined it, but then I got sip of reality when i grew up and actually started to understand life. EX: i used to think that when people drank alcohol they were happy, and i though alcohol tasted just like Pepsi...clearly i was wrong.
  • Childhood attachments & Adult relationships

    Childhood attachments & Adult relationships
    Childhood attachments & Adult relationships- The different ways that parent bring a child up shows how they interact with their parents, and society. For me my parents didn't really involve emotions they were distant which i think is because of the cultural differences and how they were raised. They didn't have "rule" but once i did something wrong as a child i would know, and so i knew what not to do next time.
  • Parenting styles

    Parenting styles
    types of parenting styes are:Authoritarian parenting (Parents, Authorities parenting, Permissive parenting,Uninvolved parenting. For me my parents used Authoritarian parenting and uninvolved parenting, and now that've grown up and know myself a bit i can clearly see the effect of how i was raised. I usually don't talk about my emotions
  • Puberty

    Puberty- The physical changes we go through during adolescence. Parent's usually have the "talk" with their kid and talk to them about puberty and what it entitles, but some don't. My parent didn't explain anything to me and my siblings, they just kept using the phrase "when you become a women" which didn't explain anything. They explained a bit further when i first got my period, but the rest we had to figure it out for ourselves.
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    Struggling to admit the truth

    I was so focused on school i forgot about myself and the problem i was avoiding finally caught up to me making me lose sight of my goals. I lost motivation in everything school, work, and social life i just wanted to sleep and be alone non stop.
  • Career Interest

    Career Interest
    I remember my results for the survey said “artistic people are creators" Which shocked me because i'm not really all. The career that i want one day would be to become a profiler, and i chose it because i like criminal justice but i fell in love with psychology so i was like why choose one? with that career i could do both.
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    Pushing through the fog

    I struggled this semester with school and not because of homework or because i don't understand it but because i have been in this haze that has been dragging me down. I tried to snap out of it but it felt like each day kept getting harder to the point i just wanted to just sleep only. I'm finally clawing my way out and it feels great that i got myself out of it.
  • Rite of Passage: The celebration and transition into adult hood

    Rite of Passage: The celebration and  transition into adult hood
    In my culture we don't really do much, but a girl becomes a "women" when she turns 15 and when she does they don't really do anything. In most countries in Africa they do FGM (female genital mutation) which sadly is still a happening today. In my country (Somali) when a child is born the father or his side of the family has to slaughter a one lamb, and if it's a boy that's born they slaughter two lambs, and celebrate the birth of the child.
  • Relationships- The connections we have with people in our lives

    Relationships- The connections we have with people in our lives
    The friendships in adulthood stages are-Acquaintanceship, Buildup, Continuation, Deterioration, Ending, and i think that depends on how one prioritizes their relationships. I have a complicated relationship with my family, but i make sure to communicate with them & help them understand things that they weren't raised to understand. As for my friendships with friends, we communicate, and try to understand eachother
  • Relaxation- Taking time to unplug from everything and take care of you

    Relaxation- Taking time to unplug from everything and take care of you
    In today's society people are so preoccupied with their phones so much so that they're not enjoying real life. I for one use my phone constantly, and that's everything is on my phone which makes it hard to put it down. I remember i didn't get a good phone til like 7th grade because my parent thought it would distract us from our education. The main reasons i got a phone was for safety reason. When i do unplug i usually go to the park and enjoy nature, a girls night in, watch grey's anatomy.
  • Making It in Midlife- How much we've changed throughout life.

    Making It in Midlife- How much we've changed throughout life.
    I Can honestly say that when it come to me i've changed SO much throughout my life, and i think i changed for the better. I haven't gotten to menopause or anything like that, but i think that over the years i grew by working on myself. I really overcame a lot of obstacles to the point where i think i'm like 40 because of how i approach things, and go about life. I'm not the same person as i was when i was 13 that for sure.
  • Chapter 14- Context of later life

    Chapter 14- Context of later life
    When it comes to life expectancy really depends on how a person takes care of themselves, family history, and just how reckless they are in life. We are all going to age wether someone embraces that or tries to delay it because the end of the day we are just a small part of the cycle of life. For me i wouldn't want to die supper old, i think i would love to not pass my 70's because at that point i feel like life's just a struggle.