My life

  • Spooky birth

    Spooky birth
    My spooky date of birth. I still remember when I was younger I would hide behind my parents when passing by stores that have Halloween stores.
  • Yay I have a sister!!!!!

    Yay I have a sister!!!!!
    I don't really know how I felt back then, but I still remembered being really really happy to have a sister. Although my parents where busy taking care of her, I'm still glad to have a sister. She used to be really cute and I still remembered a picture of her having spaghetti all over her face when she was a baby.
  • Another sister ??!!!!!

    Another sister ??!!!!!
    Right now in life I don't really want to have another sibling, but when I was younger I really wanted to have someone to play around with so I'm glad to have them. My youngest sister is someone that I don't really have the chance to connect to, but she and like to do a lot of things together.
  • Shy attribute

    Shy attribute
    I've always been shy. When I was young I would hide behind my parents. One day at the first day of 2nd grade, I asked my mom if I could go home with her. My mom thought that I was acting shy, so she made me sit next to this kid that she thought was nice. She only acted nice around adults and for no reason at all she would step on my feet under the table. I don't know if the teacher noticed, but I was shy and had to deal with it for one year.
  • Adventurous Attribute

    Adventurous Attribute
    We went to Manilla, my parents were doing a paperwork process there. We had a lot of fun going through places in between. But I it was hard for my parents to drag around three kids with them. Thank goodness that non of us were lost during that time.
  • Oh no !!! Dad left.....

    Oh no !!! Dad left.....
    Jokes aside my dad left because he wanted to go find a job someplace. It wasn't anything like a divorce or my dad dying, but I was sad nonetheless.
  • Attributes caring

    Attributes caring
    One time in third grade I had a classmate who was crying. Apparently her friends were hiding from her like a game, but they took it too far and couldn't find them so she was crying. So I comforted her for a little while, before her friends came out. I had an epiphany at that time and started to wonder how you can differentiate true friends from those that are fake.(Note: the date and year might be wrong, but I know it happened during this time.)
  • First time I rode a plane

    First time I rode a plane
    Planes are very scary and big. Even now I'm still scared of boarding a plane. I know that planes are relatively safe especially with how technology has evolved now. When a plane starts going up that is when you see the affects of gravity and that gravitational pull scares me. Landing is also another thing that I'm scared off, which I call a spiral landing..
  • Malls

    The Philippines has one of the biggest malls in the world, but I think the Dubai mall has beat us to it. I don't know if there's a competition for the biggest malls, but It seems there is. Experiencing big malls and like 5 floor malls seems a bit overkill to me. It's especially worrying if a mall is tall and combine it with escalators then it will become every scary.
  • Sincere Attribute

    Sincere Attribute
    I've always been a sincere and truthful person to a lot of people. of course I lied to my sisters and parents at least once, but most of the time I'm truthful. For some reason the best friends that I have always thought of me as a nice and sincere person, but to my sisters I've always been a mean big sister. I think it has something to do with how much things you can get away with your family, but with friends it's more of a fickle thing that depends on how you act with your friendship on mind.
  • 6th grade graduation

    6th grade graduation
    Here in the US you part ways with some of your classmate that you have been taking the same class with for years is in 8th grade graduation. To me it was my 6th grade graduation, because in the Philippines 6th grade was the transition from elementary into high school. You still would be going to school for the same amount of time, but you would separate with your friends much more earlier.
  • Artistic attribute

    Artistic attribute
    During this time I developed an interest in art. It started with an interest of a certain game that was popular at the time. Then one day I saw someone drew a character from the game, so I talked to her and after that I started hanging out with her and her friends.
  • Competitive Attribute

    Competitive Attribute
    I'm a competitive person even with my sisters. I remembered during 7th grade I joined a poster making contests. There was a long prompt and I couldn't make sense of it right away. I was competing with one person. We spent an entire afternoon working on it and on the same day I herd I lost just because I didn't outline my work. Another example of me being competitive is when I ran for treasurer for art club recently and came out of it as a secretary.
  • Moving

    I moved in the US at the summer of 2018. This is also the time that I moved in with my dad again. This meant that I would be switching schools for a total of three years straight like after 6th grade I go to a different school, then after 7th grade I would go to another. Every time I move to another school, I would get less and less afraid of moving to another. Did my mother time it? Yes she did.
  • 8 th grade

    8 th grade
    Although I didn't felt like I fitted in with the school I was in, because I knew that my classmates already knew each other. But it was still a fun and eventful year, we got to do a lot of things that our teacher planned for us.
  • Hardworking attribute

    Hardworking attribute
    Before 7 the grade I never really took classes seriously. I wouldn't really listen to teachers, study for exams and do my homework. I don't know how I picked up all these bad habits, but I realized that everyone was competing in the new school that I was in at the time. Every quarter I would see a my peers ranking. After having some time to reflect I became more serious in my classes, because I didn't wanna get left behind. So I tried to change my habits.
  • A pandemic?!

    A pandemic?!
    In December Covid started appearing at least majorly in china, but it didn't impact the US yet. A pandemic is not something that I would say is a good experience, but it is an experience. Sometimes I wish that the pandemic never happened, because it limits a lot of opportunities that I could have gotten during that time that I was stuck indoors. I don't regret experiencing a pandemic.
  • Quarrelsome Attribute

    Quarrelsome Attribute
    According to my sisters I've always been quarrelsome person, well at least to them. I'd argue that I wasn't always a quarrelsome person, but I don't really have an evidence for that. This time we fought about bed positions and so far I'm winning.
  • Risk taker attribute

    Risk taker attribute
    During the summer of 2021 I realized that I haven't really done anything outside of school like activities or a job. That summer I tried applying for a job and went and applied for after school matters. They had a lot of programs that I could choose and I applied for the summer. I also applied for dual enrollment in a college, so that I can see what college classes are like.
  • Independent attribute

    Independent attribute
    During the time that I was applying for a job. My mother didn't help me with the applications. Of course I asked her If I could do it and gave her the paper work that she had to do for me, since I'm still a minor, but I did most of the work and asking my mother if I should disclose an information and what they meant.