Timeline created by marinamr
  • I was born

    I was born o the Hospital General, that is a hospital. When I born I was three months at the incubator, cause I was born whit eight hundred grams only. Then, I can go home with my family. My twin sister Helena was only one month at the incubator because she weighed two and a half kilos.
  • I started the school

    At my three years I started the school. I was two more years in this school
  • I chanced the school

    When I was six, my parents decide to change me and my sisters to other school. Then I started the primary in the Escola Estel.
  • my firt travel

    when I was six, I do my first travel to París, France.
  • my self-vilistic accident

    When I was in fourth of primary my grandma dies from cancer, two weeks later I got hit by a car. After that I was knocked unconscious i don't remember much of that day, but according to my parents I have been told that I vomited blood if they had to enter me. I was just one day admitted, i thought it was something more serious than I had.
  • the fourth grade colonies( 1rs part)

    At the colonies, we where in a colonies house with the teachers and one of the activities was do an excursion to the forest since we were next door. we walked down a road for a while until we found a field before we went into a forest. There were some sinks and some faucets to get some water and we made a stop there. It was my turn to go to the bathroom, everyone was talking until I feel like they suddenly shut up. I thought "how good, the teacher has managed to shut up".
  • the fourth grade colonies (2nd part)

    When I left the toilet, there was no one, so they had shut up, because they left me in the middle of the forest alone. They had forgotten me. I felt very bad as I was in charge and I didn't know what to do. I was sitting in the sink lock a lot in case they came back for me crying. Until I realized we had very little breakfast, and I remembered that the school teaches had breakfast after us while they left us with the monitor at the colony house.
  • the fourth grade colonies (part 3)

    I walked down the road we'd come down until I got to the dining room. There was no one there. I went back to the lavbos in case they happened to have hupped over, realizing I was missing. I didn't see anyone there. I sat back in the tram a little thoughtful as I didn't know what to do. I spent another time like this until I spotted some figures in the distance. I knew they weren't my classmates, but I still went there i explained everything to the adult accompanying that school.
  • the fourth colonies (last part)

    The monitor told me she knew where my group was planning to go,so she took me.When I arrived, all I received was the confused glances of some of my companions and a"but where you were"from the monitor.That made me feel even worse,when they forgot my, on top of the monitor,she didn't even worry that a student was missing.I didn't have any friends at the time,so it was understandable they wouldn't have noticed me(sorry to do many parts about this little part of my life but there was so many words)
  • The Erasmus project

    In sixth grade my school participated in an Erasmus project but with younger people, not as they do in universities. It was my turn to go to Ireland as I passed the level test and the draw. We were three girls and two boys accompanied by two teachers. It was a very good experience, I had a great time
  • Change to Institut Can Planas

    In my school you could do the ESO there, but my parents chaged me at Institut Can Planas and I was happy to that but I miss my friends.
  • quarentine

    At chinese christmas, it started an outbreak of a new disease. Thanks to that we are all in quarentine in our houses.