My Life Timeline

By 3th3
  • Born

    I was born in John Hunter Hospital.
  • My first ice-cream

    My first ice-cream
    I had my first ice-cream at my Nana's and it was chocolate
  • Third Birthday Party

    Third Birthday Party
    At my third birthday party I had my face painted and I had a clown birthday cake.
  • My first school

    My first school
    The first time I went to primary school was at Hamilton Public School (HPS) and I only stayed at that school for one year.
  • My second school

    My second school
    I went to my second school called Hamilton North Public School (HNPS) and I stayed at that school for five year untill I was offered to go to a opputunity class in Tighes Hill.
  • Dance School

    Dance School
    I went to a dance school in 2010 and went into jazz and tap dancing.
  • My third school

    My third school
    The Third School I went to was Tighes Hill Public School (THPS). I went to the OC (Oppitunity Class) and met a few of my friends there.
  • My soccer Photo

    My soccer Photo
    My soccer club is called Azzurri and I have been in the club since 2008.
  • First time at High School

    First time at High School
    I went to high school one day earlier than the other year groups for a starter day.
  • Started My Life Timeline

    Started My Life Timeline