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My Life Timeline!!!

By sarahq
  • When I Was Born

    When I Was Born
    I was born in Muscat Which is in Oman. I was born on January 22nd 2001 at about 4 o clock in the afternoon!
  • My First B-Day

    My First B-Day
    My first birthday was when i turned 1, We didnt celebrate that big but we did have a party my mom invited her friends and there kids and we celebrated at my house!
  • Kindergarten

    I went to gindergarten in Oman it was called " Mantesoori" its a weird name but thats where i went. It was a nice school. My favourite teacher there was Mrs Itlal i wouldnt let go of her!
  • My brothers

    My brothers
    My brother was born on this day his name is Sami. He was also born in Oman burt i dont think he was born in the same hospital as me! :) My older brother was born in Abu Dhabi in 1998 but i kind of forgot to mention him hehehe :)
  • When i went to Year 1

    When i went to Year 1
    I wnt to school in 2005 thats when i was in my old school not in DIA i was in another school called EIS which stands for Emirates Internatinol School. My teachers name was Mrs Trish. She was a very nice teacher. My best friend was another sara not me because my name is spelled like this S.A.R.A.H and here name is spelled like this S.A.R.A she was from alot of places! she was nice
  • Year 3

    Year 3
    When i went to year 3 thats when i had come to DIA my best friend i met before anyone was a girl name Laura she is from Poland and is very nice my second bestest friend was a girl name Victoria. She was from Denmark. both of them was soooooooooo nice!
  • Year 4

    Today i went up to year 4 my 2nd best friend Victoria had left to denmark forever but luckliy my best fridn Laura was in my class the next year. I was so smart in year four and had a great time having a nice teacher whos name is Mrs Megan
  • Year 5

    Year 5
    I came to year 5 and my teacher was Mrs Byrne it was a wonderful class! My class was like a family we called echother the TB teddy bears we had LOTS of fun it was COOOL
  • RIGHT NOW!!!

    RIGHT NOW!!!
    My class this year is an amayzing class i LOVE my class mates and they are really fun to hang out with they are always nice and never mean thanks guys, really thanks! :)