My Life Timeline

  • My birthday

    My birthday
    The day I was born.
  • A Candy in my throat

    A Candy in my throat
    When I was 3 years old, I was almost dead by eating a candy. I was eating the grape flavour candy and loved eating it. The candy got into my throat so I chocked. I couldn't breath and my father saved me by pushing my chest really hard. Then the candy came out. It was an awful memory.
  • Grandpa

    My grandpa passed away when I was only 4 years old. In 2002, Korea got in semi-final on Worldcup. Everyone was excited except for my family. My grandpa was really sick by a lung cancer. He passed away after long hospital life. I don't really remember his face.
  • Arm Dislocated

    I was in the amusement park with my family. We were eating our lunch and then I got bored. I went to a huge fountain with my brother. Suddenly, I bumped to a girl who was passing besides me. I fell down and my arm dislocated. It hurt so much that everyone was looking at me crying.
  • My First Tooth Falling Off

    My First Tooth Falling Off
    When I was 6 years old, My first tooth fell off while I was chewing a gum. I was so scared that I am going to die. However, my mom said that my brother already had 5 teeth came off.
  • First time playing a piano

    First time playing a piano
    When I was in grade 8, I started playing piano, I hated going to a piano academy so I always skipped it. They called my parents when I skip a day everytime. Then my father got really mad but I kept went skipping the piano lessons. I finally realized that piano really helped me playing other instruments right now, in Canada.
  • Grade 3 Exam

    In Korea, we have exams since we are in gr.3. I went to academy everyday after school to learn English/ELA/S.S/Math/Science. On the first exam, I got 100% on everything! I was so happy but that was my first and last time getting 100 on every subject.
  • Thailand

    I went to Thailand with my family including my grandparents and it was my first time getting on an airplane. I was so excited! Thailand was awesome. The beach was pretty and the colour was like a aquarium. I don't really like a traditional food and the weather but every other things were great!
  • China

    I went trip to China with my family and my grandparents. China had bad, smoky air. I don't really like the food because it was too greasy. I really liked the Great Wall of China. It was so cool and long.
  • Canada

    I came to Canada with my family. It was beginning of the summer break so I had 2 free months to play. Winnipeg was a lot different from Korea.
  • Trip to Korea

    I went to Korea with my mom and brother because my grandma is really sick. I was so sad that she is sick but kind of excited to go back to Korea.